Women empowerment has taken wrong turn

Nowadays it’s a word ‘empowerment’ that seems to be used almost exclusively with reference to women, and when it is, to rub a lot of people up the wrong way. Women can’t get ahead by fitting either traditional female or male stereotype. The theory of most traditional women’s empowerment seems to be that if we acknowledge women’s disadvantage and then train them how to get ahead like the men do, they’ll be empowered.  

Our real goal should not only be to empower women but to create a GENDER NEUTRAL SOCIETY.

The empowerment program can become simply another rehearsal of the prince amiable myth, where woman wait around to be granted to crown and life made easy. The women have tapped into their own internal power. They don’t view themselves as victims anymore, and so others don’t treat them that way either. The system supports them in solving their own personal puzzle of empowerment and they become committed to find a way out.

Loyalty is dead! Now that the society is gender neutral, there is hardly any place for loyalty be it in queue for bathroom or simple standing up when a lady comes or goes or just pulling the chair or holding the door for her. I still believe that a Gentleman must be loyal, if he is to hold a lady’s interest. 

Women end up being super women managing home and work and kids and shopping and everything else and men relax under the garb of empowering them. Alas! There is no room for age old pampering in a gender neutral society. So while we are empowered and break glass ceilings, we miss those days when men were chivalrous and women were pampered!

There are differences between men and women that should not be blanketed by extreme equality measures; women are simply better at teaching, men are simply physically stronger. These differences should be embraced and taken advantage of rather than masked. Also, in the endeavour to empower a particular group, sometimes people feel entitled simply because they belong to that group. For example, there seems to be a sense that “women should be respected” regardless of how they act. People should be respected, if they deserve respect. I’ve met plenty of stupid, classless women that insist you treat them a certain way simply because they are women. No, you earn respect, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.