Who decided the rules?

Will it be ever like the way she wants to? That pins when she soliloquize. She looks in the mirror and finds a fragile girl whose eyes had million words floating. She is not a sanguine. She burst out at times because it all crosses the boundaries and becomes hard for her to sustain.

“He said we are not living in 19th century. Our society and parents conveys us the rules. Things are changing; girls are educated and given freedom.”

May be things are changing, may be the norms and wounds are broken. But then why is it that she still asks her mom about her modeling career and she denies. Despite of knowing the fact, her daughter will do explicitly sterling in that field as it’s her passion, she denies. And you know why? Because she thinks if her daughter gets into modeling: what will the society say.

“According to him, he knows nothing about her. She is a mystery to him. Every day he gets to know a new thing about her.”

Mystery, she is not. Just use your heart. You will know her in a second. But if you keep using your brain, she will be an enigma to be solved. She doesn’t know which way she should stitch her dreams to be like for being it true. Reasons are varied. She didn’t tell you she dances because she doesn’t now. And you know why? Her dad asked to quit.
Why does she need approbation? Why she needs to care about those people comments that don’t even matter? If she vomits about all this, doesn’t mean she hates her parents. It’s because she is hurt of being grounded and listening a big NO, every time she begs of something she really wants.

“You find a way to do it when it gives you happiness, he says.”

Yeah! She did find a lot of way. She thought when she will show her mom the contract of her modeling, her mom will accept it. But No, once again the avenues were blocked. And now she had it all. She has stopped dreaming. She doesn’t hide anything from you. Simply believes the dreams which are buried up is not something to be talked about at this instant. She is extremely sorry but if you think she hid it.

She is yearning every moment. She smiles, acts nothing is wrong but everything is wrong. She wants to run away or else she will go astray like a rudderless ship. No, No the society won’t know that because she will destroy hiding. Her dreams being killed already killed her long back. She is a mannequin now and she doesn’t vomit.

Siddharth Choudhary

Siddharth Choudhary is the founder and CEO of the World Democracy Index, living in Vancouver, Canada. He is known to be a firm believer in democratic values and strongly supports not-for-profit organizations in India. He is committed to promoting wellbeing to children in India and reinforces women empowerment.