Want you partner back; here are 6 tricks that will make them get back to you

After an instant of being together, one of us feel that we are being abandoned and feel less important and the relation is for sake; so it’s better to terminate it. But what’s the point to end it? Here are 7 tricks that will make your partner think over his grouchy nature and get him back into the way he was once at the beginning of the relation.

1) Stop texting and calling him.


We often find that guys say, ’Girls are irritating when they call and text every second and want to share or discuss details about every single thing’. Just stop intervening calls and texts unless he penetrates of his own.  That will make him miss you and he will call you of his own asking what’s wrong within a few days. If he doesn’t ask you the reason of your ignorance believe that guy is playing with your emotions.

2) Ignore as much as you can

Be it a friend birthday party or a dinner along, start ignoring. Be preoccupied in a conversation with others or in phone. That generates curiosity in them.

3) Don’t show you are jealous

Always have a cool pleasant smile on your face. It hurts to find your partner be busy along with others but portrays that you are not bothered. If they walk off to talk with some-one, don’t stand right there being lost. Go merge up in the crowd, you too have a life.

4) Get a make-over

Try to look more approachable when you are around. Guys always find their exes hotter once they break up. If you turn to be same, they won’t notice you but once you get a makeover, they feel that the world is not reluctant only around them which build an urge in them to be back with you.

5) Don’t be sorry

We hear that guys only say sorry in a relationship but that’s not true. Girls often feels sorry for calling them, texting them or for each small things when guys get rude.  Stop feeling sorry, there is nothing wrong in calling once. (Be aware calling them every hour when you know he is at work is wrong).

6) Learn to cancel on plans

It’s not only their part to cancel on plans after forming. Even you are free and have the right to say no. Make a plan and cancels on the day when it’s to be executed. That make your partner realize how it feels when they cancel on you.

Remember, the portrayal of your drama must not be so long that the guy feels abated and leaves you. When he comes and ask you what’s wrong, tell him the reason why were you doing it, make them realize that they are prominent part of your life. And you too feel hurt, shattered when he does the same to you. And if he is neither bothered nor notices any change in you, talk about that too at the right time.  Conversation with an open mind solves and fills up the lapses that are creating troubles in the relationship.

Siddharth Choudhary

Siddharth Choudhary is the founder and CEO of the World Democracy Index, living in Vancouver, Canada. He is known to be a firm believer in democratic values and strongly supports not-for-profit organizations in India. He is committed to promoting wellbeing to children in India and reinforces women empowerment.