Report on Forced Conversions of Hindu and Christian girl in Pakistan

My Background

My name is Parkash Heerani currently pursuing graduation in Computer Science from Institute of Business Administration Karachi. I am basically from Mithi, Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan. I am from interior Sindh where 65-70% population is of Hindus and the rest of them are Muslims. Despite being in the majority, I have seen Hindu girls being forcefully taken by Muslim fanatics on gunpoint. I have traveled almost all cities of Sindh and thus am well aware of forced conversions of minority girls in Sindh Pakistan. I also have tried to reach Hindus and Christian of South Punjab and other parts of Pakistan to figure out what is happening with Hindus and Christians being minorities.

I am raising voice against forced conversions for the last 2 years and have conducted thorough research to dig deeper in this case and to know the ground reality of forced conversions of minority girls happening in Pakistan.

How it is done?

History witnesses, they kidnap the girls on gunpoint. They keep them in custody and (Probably beat and rape them) forcefully make them say that they have converted willingly. This happens with poor Hindus who are labor or farmers of Muslim landlords. I hear about the cases where poor Hindus take loans of 10,000-15,000PKR from their Muslim landlords in an emergency. If they can’t return back on time, their girls will be taken as an excuse.
Hardly less than 1% of cases are reported. Most of them go unreported and don’t even reach social media because the cases happen in rural areas where there is near to no use of smartphones and technology. Only a few cases reach social media, but the opposition party has a lot of money, they are highly funded and are powerful, and in front of them, the poor victims are powerless and voiceless.

When cases come to social media, they will keep the camera on kidnapped girls for 24/7 and if for even 1 second if girls laughed, they will capture their photos and will post on social media and fake argue that the girls have happily converted; they are living happily which is never the case.

If in very rare cases, the case reaches court, they will threaten the girl that they will kill her family and will throw other heavy threats and will offer good wealthy life to force the girl to say in the court that she has willingly converted.

For example, in 2018, a minor 14 years old girl was kidnapped and was forcefully married to the already-married man of 55 years of age. Yes, she consented in the court that she loves her father’s age of man and thus has willingly converted and married to the old monster.

Link of the incident: Child marriage – 14 Years old Hindu girl married to a 55year old man in 2018: https://www.dawn.com/news/1394399

Why the cases are Not Consensual? But forced conversions:

In most of the cases, the girls are often forcefully taken from their home. The girls are forced to say that it is their consent. They keep the camera on them for 24/7 and even for a one second if girls laugh, they take the pic out and post on social media. They forced them to act in a certain way and they release scripted-videos to fake their consent. Even in their scripted videos released on social media for faking their consent, one can easily see the fear on their face and pain in their eyes.

The converted girls are often underage. They are often uneducated, illiterate and immature from very poor families, so there is no such thing of accepting an entirely new religion with a complete understanding of it.
The girls who never went to school and thus can’t even read and write so there is no point that they have really read and understood another religion such that they converted willingly. They never meet any Muslim boy in their entire life so obviously, they didn’t fell in love with them.

Moreover, right after the abduction, they are converted and are forced to marry. Why they are married right after conversions? Why can’t they just convert and live life until they become mature to marry? Girls are often forced to marry the already-married men or men of girls’ double age, old men.

History witnesses, not a single boy has converted because they will never let their own daughters marry a Hindu boy converted to Islam. They only target girls. Even in girls, no mature and educated girls convert, no aged women convert, only poor uneducated, immature and illiterate girls convert.

If girls convert with their consent, why do they put the girls in your custody? Why aren’t they left on their own to live? Why they aren’t allowed to meet with their families ever after conversion.
The man behind conversions

The don of converting Hindu girls is Pir Mian Mitho who has been MNA of Pakistan People’s Party and later was part of PMLn party as well. He has been into politics for multiple parties for years. Currently, in elections of 2019, PTI also offered him a ticket to gain vote because he has a great reach in interior Sindh, but later ticket was denied due to immense criticism on social media for giving the ticket to the notoriously know person for suppressing minorities. You may google his name to know more about him.

Girls are used as prostitutes and sexual purposes.

As per the DAWN report, 1000 girls are converted each year. Where are they? They haven’t settled into good families. They never meet back their parents. We have no idea where those girls are. We have demanded to let us at least meet with them, but no one listens to us because we know girls are trafficked and are used for sexual purposes and as prostitutes.

Every year 1000 Hindu and Christian girls are converted: https://www.dawn.com/news/1098452
After the abduction, they are often married to aged Muslim men, to already-married Muslims men. Why they aren’t married with well-educated decent young boys?

Right after the abduction, they are forced to marry. Why can’t they be sisters? Why not let them be mature and then marry?
This leads me to think that:
These people are pedophiles and using our girls for their sexual lust on the name of religion.
They probably sell our girls.
They use our girls as prostitutes.
They traffic our girls.
And what not?

Pakistanis’ hypocrisy

What do they care about?

Regardless of country, they will raise the voice and care if any Muslim affected in any corner of the world. If any Muslim is targeted in India, all social media pages and TC channels will telecast. If there is any Burqa ban in western countries, every Pakistan will burst out on them.

What they don’t care about?

They don’t care if Hindu and Christians suffered in your own country. No TV channels telecast forced conversion cases. In rare cases, if the case creates high hype on social media, some TV channels may conduct a show on it.
If any Muslim is targeted in any other country, they should care, and that’s right and I am with them, but isn’t it better to care about their own people first? Isn’t it their utmost responsibility to prioritize their own country people? Why don’t they speak against forced conversions of Hindus and Christian girls?

The reason why cases go unreported.

These cases happen in rural areas where there is a lack of social media use, where there is near to no use of smartphones and the internet and technology.
Media often acts biased and do not report the cases.

The opposition party is rich and highly funded.

In every case, the underage girls’ birth certificates and NADRA statements are ignored. Even if the birth certificate shows the girl as underage, even then biased medical reports are made and are fake proved that they aren’t underage. Only biased and legless medical reports are taken into consideration which always shows that the girls are adults even if the birth certificates are showing otherwise.

How minorities are helpless in Pakistan.

We tried to pass Anti Forced Conversion bill in Sindh Assembly, and it was passed. Later, religious extremists came out of roads and conducted heavy protest throughout the country demanding to revert the law. “If Islam welcomes the girls, who are you to stop them?”, they would slogan. Public property was burnt. Shops were set on fire and there was violence everywhere. Government felt powerless in front of extremists and had to pass their demands and eventually the law was reverted.

Since then, Hindus and Christians are trying to pass Anti Forced Conversion law but no MNAs and MPAs vote in favor of this law and thus law never gets passed.

Today, Hindus and Christians have no law to fight for their sisters and daughters who are abducted and are forcefully converted. They are scared every second when their sisters and daughters will be taken into the nights and they will never see them again.

Check out my letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan: https://www.facebook.com/UnUrOpinionMatters/photos/a.138124813411072/401758097047741/
Dawn report 2017: https://www.dawn.com/news/1345304
Pir Mian Mitho: https://www.facebook.com/606700479789772/videos/1998237270471984/
Documentary on Forced Conversions conversions: https://youtu.be/uewenKXni3g
Strangers in their own land Documentary: https://youtu.be/pIq-yDO1FF8

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Prakash Heerani

Staff writer with World Democracy Index.