A Quick Take On upcoming Punjab and UP elections

Due to recent controversies like UNA incident and letter on expelled BJP leader Dayashankar calling Mayawati as a whore for selling party tickets for UP election didn’t go well for UP. In UP elections Dalits make up to 20% of whole pole. For UP, BJP should boost them for not emerging any local leader in last two years for the face of CM who would tackle the current CM Akhilesh Yadav and Ex. CM Mayawati. But still BJP having few names like Rajnath Singh,Varun Gandhi,Yogi Adityanath,Smrithi Irani and Keshav Maurya.

On the other hand BSP & SP cast their vote on the basis of cast system, so BJP needs to show that dissimilar other two local parties they will promote beyond the cast medium. Another category of voters under OBC like kachhi, lodhi, kurmis would vote for BJP, as per the prediction of some political expert.

In Punjab, BJP don’t have a good image as in comparison to other parts of country. BJP don’t have the independent contest seats that’s why Navjot Singh Sidhu has left the party and made a new party Awaaz-e-Punjab. Singh says that “Until for how long will BJP contest elections on 26 seats out of 117. Even the BJP is supporting his party through social media. So till the BJP will not leave Akalis it can’t spread its roots in Punjab.

BJP does not have much pole here since it’s a wing to the Akali Dal and the main fight in Punjab is between the Akali Dal and the Congress; while the AAP has run out of steam, due to non-face for CM. due to all circumstances BJP has mentally prepared themselves for two things in which priority is that the Akali Dal could lose Punjab and that too to Congress and then they could end up 4th in terms of vote share.