Why Pakistan will not change with talks and why only defence can deal with it.

Recently there is a video on social networking platform is going viral stating against Indian prime minister Narendra Modi by Pakistan media is the direct example that Pakistan don’t want to change them sleeves for blaming India for anything in terms of development, surgical strike, note banning etc.

In the recent Nagrota terror attack, seven army personnel were killed even before that there was the Uri attack. Every time there is a terror attack people are upset, critic’s argument in the media then things cool off till the next attack.  Narendra Modi was innovative when he invited the heads of SAARC countries for his swearing in in 2014. His visits to Saudi Arabia, UAE and US were attempts to cut support for Pakistan. Using an Independence Day speech to tacitly support Baluchistan caught most by surprise. The post Uri surgical strikes showed the government was willing to hit back. However, attacks on army continue unabated with casualties at 60 in 2016, amongst the highest in recent years.   

So how to deal with Pakistan is a question that has haunted every Indian prime minister? Here are some ideas:  

  • India must have a coherent strategy and consistent approach.
  • Indians must accept that India will be in a state of everlasting war with Pakistan and China will support Pakistan infinitely.
  • Learning’s from the pre-independence era must be reinforced.
  • In 1940 Dr B R Ambedkar wrote in Thoughts on Pakistan, “The Indian Army today is pre-dominantly Muslim in its composition. The Muslims who predominate are from Punjab and North West Frontier Province.”
  • Unlike the Sittwe port in Myanmar where it is work in progress, India must get Chabahar port in Iran operational at the earliest. It is a gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.
  • Continue to aggressively pursue co-operation with other SAARC countries.
  • ISRO must create capability of 24 x 7 surveillance of borders

The situation on the ground is dynamic and tools of response have to change within an overarching strategy.