Need of a platform which can empower common man by rating politicians on daily basis

It’s a much needed thing for today’s era. As by increasing use of internet and technology if common man will get some online polling platform for the rating of politicians on daily basis, it will be great gift for them. By getting a chance to rate your favourite leader or political identity on the basis of their work and policy, our democracy will be more transparent for the evaluation of choosing of politicians rather than tradition voting system. With the help of such platforms we can give the ranking in between numbers to the politicians on the basis of work, personality, development done by team as well as on the old record of their will.

When we discuss about politics then word automatically comes in our mind that is corruption. Politicians are so corrupt, rude and arrogant to the public. Sometimes I wonder democracy followed by US and Europe is quite different from what India is following. Apart from corruption, the distance between power and people is also the root cause of infection in democracy of India. In India, common people don’t have any power to keep the wielders on the political power. Democratic improvement and judicial engagement can at best deal with the indicators. The sickness needs the more basic therapy of bringing power down to the people – through minimal central and state governance and similarly maximal local governance.

This is necessary because of the huge scope for people’s councils to pamper in malpractices these days, thanks mainly to the huge calculations made available under the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme and the increases in their remunerations. By inclusion of organization of the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections, wider use of electronic communication devices, and minimising the use of paper. Interestingly, it comes out against the idea of ‘recalling’ the elected representative; a demand made most recently by anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare. He trusts that the right to remembrance would divide the polity on party lines, besides being unaffordable in financial terms. He wants the establishment of Joint Parliamentary Committee to be strengthened, and a new standing committee created for dealing with political corruption.