Why Media Needs To Focus More On Positive stories

As Indian citizens, we spend an unhealthy number of hours watching television to kill time in the easiest way possible. We watch all programs ranging form soap operas to reality TV shows to comedy and entertainment episodes that feature one too many celebrities. This has unconsciously created in us an overwhelming ability to get influenced by all that we watch and hear. This further increases the responsibility of media towards the general masses.

When media starts to focus on positive stories, rather than being focused on getting TRP by portraying negative stories, it automatically enforces a sense of positivity and good spirit in the minds of the people who watch these shows. The flip side of this however is that, when negativity is subdued in media, sensationalisation of media ceases to take place thus lowering the TRP rating these TV shows receive and hence reducing the life span of the TV show.

However, it is important to understand that the success of a TV show is not always indicated by the time period it runs for. Some of the most humorous TV shows, which have been a roaring success, have been around for a short time span, also managing to secure an immensely impressive TRP rating. This is something that all TV show productions must keep in mind. They must keep in mind at all times the obligation that they owe to the audience as a result of undertaking such media productions. This is what will leave an astounding effect on the masses; and this automatically will ensure a good TRP rating.