Harpreet Singh

Date of Birth: 1968
Political Party: Conservative Party of Canada
Occupation: Member of Conservative Party of Canada
Career Start: 2012
Residence: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Education: Bachelor’s in Journalism​ Masters in Political Science

Life Story

Born in 1968, in India, Mr. Singh went to a boarding school in India.​

With his father in the military, Mr. Singh learned discipline at an early age. His father was the source of his inspiration. His fondest memory of military life was at the age of four or five when his father was in the Battalion and during a visit by the General. As a young boy, he was driven to school in a car regally decked out with flags. While he revelled in the experience, he knew early on that a military life was not for him.While he did not follow his father’s footsteps, discipline became his mantra. His father’s words stayed in his heart and mind: “Discipline is what builds the name and valour of the military—it is what separates the rice from the chaff.”​

Political Career

Harpreet Singh became a member of the Conservative Party of Canada because of his fervent interest in the values and core beliefs of the party. “It is my true belief as an immigrant to this great country that the backbone of this society is based on creating solid employment and opportunities for our newcomers and our citizens. I believe in the values and principles of CPC as these match my own values in terms of creating lasting sustainable change that is grounded in fiscal responsibility and with a long term view of our country. The foundation of this country was and continues to be based on the core philosophies of the CPC, which include family, employment, opportunities and sustainable change”.

As a candidate for the CPC, he brings a great deal of knowledge and experience in the Surrey Newton riding. Harpreet is well versed with the issues and challenges of the people living in Surrey Newton and he believes that he will be able to represent them in the Canadian Parliament. “I am well adept to being in the community and the public eye due to my vast experience of being front and centre in the media and being well known in my community. “I feel that I owe it to the residents of this great city, that their voices are heard in our nation’s capital”, he stresses.

Harpreet firmly believes that all Canadians need to come together as one voice to face national and international challenges and specifically raise their voice against the real global issues such as terrorism and international crimes against humanity as well as support what happens at home and keeping our communities safe, strong, active and healthy. “I will operate in an accountable and responsive manner and leave no stone unturned to safeguard freedom and Canadian values”. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and is therefore involved with a number of social and charitable organizations here.​

All The Promises Made Before 2019 Polls:

  • Repeal Bill C-69 ​
  • End the shipping ban in northern British Columbia ​
  • Clarify roles of proponents and governments in consultations ​
  • End foreign-funded interference in regulatory hearings ​
  • Provide certainty on approval timelines and schedules​
  • Will effectively remove federal portion of income tax from EI maternity and EI parental benefits by providing a non-refundable tax credit of 15 per cent for any income earned under these two programs​
  • Remove the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from home heating and energy bills ​
  • Establish a single tax return for Quebec, administered by the province​
  • Set emissions standards for major emitters that produce more than 40 kilotonnes per year of greenhouse gases, requiring them to invest in private-sector research and development of green technology.​
  • Establish a green patent credit that will reduce the tax rate to five per cent on income that is generated from green technology developed and patented in Canada. ​
  • Incorporate traditional knowledge of First Nations into efforts to address the impacts of climate change. Expand Export Development Canada programs to issue more green bonds that provide financing for the development of emissions-reducing technologies. ​
  • Create a two-year green homes tax credit for homeowners to help pay for energy-saving renovations. ​
  • Review and update the invasive alien species strategy for Canada, as well as the invasive species action plans. ​
  • Review and modernize air quality standards and regulations, with a focus on urban airsheds. ​
  • Re-establish an advisory panel that gave hunting, angling and conservation groups input on policies and programs on conservation. [source]Negotiate regulatory changes that would increase the energy efficiency of cross-border trucking while encouraging research and development in eco-friendly modes of transportation.​
  • Renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States [source]Ensure that the system prioritizes people facing genuine persecution [source]Put an end to illegal border crossings at unofficial points of entry like Roxham Road by changing the Safe Third Country agreement with the U.S. [source]Improve credential recognition and providing low-skilled workers with a path to residency and improving language training.​
  • A “total reset,” as Scheer put it, of Canada’s relationship with China, including a reduced reliance on trade with the country and new partnerships with others—especially “like-minded democracies in the Indo-Pacific region”​