Why it’s easy for BJP digital media team to create any kind of hoax and sensation

Now-a-days it’s very easy to create any hoax and sensation with the use of Digital Media because of easiness of reach of content via internet. In Today’s world people start reacting on any kind of information without any research or without knowing as the provided information is right or not. Even in the historical wining of Narendra Modi social media played imperative role.

Every citizen across the world knows that Narendra Modi is a politician and Prime Minister of the India. But very few people know that he is amongst most updated tech geek in India, who forecast the power of technology or digital media during the days when he was chief Minister of Gujarat. And because of only his super vision, common man could become aware about the Digital media. Additionally to connect with more Fresh Graduates he kicked off Digital India scheme so that more youth could come on this biggest democracy.

Narendra Modi with his team was quite active on social media since 2009, but as BJP declared him as Prime Ministerial candidate, upsurge use of digital media was seen. In sixteenth general elections nearly 814 million of 125 cr populace were eligible to vote. In order to reach out to huge mass or potential voters, all the channels of digital media as well as offline medium were used so that could be accomplished to more voters. So as to get support of lower income group and farmers Narendra Modi and his team initiated programs like Chai Pe Charcha through live interaction.

BJP has comprehensibly planned various campaigns for social media as well as implemented successfully on social media. All possible digital platforms were used to convince people to vote for the party. Most imperative thing about Modi’s campaign is that his team maintained consistency throughout elections whereas competitors of Narendra Modi surrendered amid an election campaigns. #Namo has become a household name or a name for which people wanted to make him win. With the huge number of supporters on social media platform the digital media team of BJP can easily create any fake information or hoax.