Biggest development and losses in Modi Raj

From the very first day, I was clear that Modi would me judge by different measure. In Modi’s case, delivery is seen to below expectations, but not weak. In two years of his governance, he tried to fill the gap between expectations and promises. Below we are listing major developments and losses in Modi’s Raj.


  • Barring the Land Acquisition Bill and GST, the government has passed 47 bills in one year. The GST and Land Bill will, however, be the acid tests for Modi.
  • Modi’s clear successes relate to external diplomacy. He began very well on a high diplomatic note, taking everyone by surprise by inviting the heads of governments of all neighbouring countries to his swearing in. He subsequently made his mark as a world leader to reckon with.
  • He made his big pitch from the Red Fort, when he talked of social issues, inclusive banking, cleanliness (Swachh Bharat) and safety of women.
  • He has been portraying himself not just as head of government, but as an inspirational political leader trying to inject self-confidence in the people at large.
  • Modi’s initiatives like Skill India, Digital India, and Make in India still have the trappings of slogans rather than delivered promises on the ground.


  • After becoming in power, Modi promises to stop Tax harassment of corporations. The decisions not to appeal tax cases against Vodafone and Royal Dutch Shell PLC were a step in the right direction.
  • Critics say the PM has not yet gone far enough to calm the concern of minority communities.
  • While Mr. Modi has been in charge, India has restricted funding of non-government organisations, including Greenpeace. It blocked the broadcasting of a BBC documentary about the 2012 gang rape of a woman on a Delhi bus
  • When the prime minister greeted U.S. President Barack Obama wearing his dapper suit in January,many applauded his bold choice of subliminal advertising; others called it an embarrassing display of gauche narcissism.
  • Two budgets down and still no sign of the big bang economic reforms optimists had expected from Mr. Modi.