Arvind Kejriwal – Reasons For Demise In Popularity

Arvind kejriwal is one of the most controversial politicians, India has had the misfortune of witnessing over the years. His identity, the proverbial mango, has decided to rot with unpopularity, over the course of the past few years. The reasons for this sudden demise in popularity can be attributed to one too many factors. The most important of those is attributed to his eccentric behavior.

Times Group organized a poll at the completion of 1 year of AAP and it said 48% voters still preferred to vote for AAP. This is 6.5% lower than what AAP got in 2015 polls. At this voting percentile in a three-way fight, AAP could still win more than 55 seats but this erosion of 6.5% votes in just 1 year is significant. If trends do not reverse, the down slide may continue, and by 2020, AAP could end with where it began.

Kejriwal has been siding and favouring Anti India, pro terrorist elements both in Delhi and Punjab even before 2013 elections. So whatever support he would have to lose he might have lost.

Arvind Kejriwal’s disruption provoking and anarchist political scheming, have cost him quite a fortune. Especially after his infamous Dharna on threatening the Republic day parade in the year 2014, his image in Indian politics has been tainted to no end. AAP ministers’ forceful and insensitive act of making women run naked on the roads and making them pass urine has gained media attention to the point where Kejriwal’s authority and existence.