10 Reasons Why India Will Become The Next Super Power

With a perceptible power shift from the  west to the east, there have been countless speculations as to how India and China are fighting a bull’s race to becoming the next world super power. These speculations have been made after considering several factors at play. These mainly pertain to cultural, social, economic and political factors.  Given below are  list of 8 points as to why India is capable of becoming a super power.

1.Youngest country-

India consists of a predominantly young population with 55% of the Indian population well below the age of 25. These young Indian’s are ambitious, upward mobile, tech-savy and very innovative.

  1. Cultural diversity-

India is a nurturing lap to a variety of cultures and religious beliefs. This itself is a major positive factor in triggering and welcoming growth.

3.Entrepreneur’s paradise-

The number of start ups India has been home to, the past few years has been exceptionally high. These are mostly initiatives by college students. Direct selling and networking is done on a large scale.

4.Education and experience-

India is exceptionally educated. The youth in India that comprise of 55% of the population is immensely well informed and has hands-on experience in a variety of activities.

5.Building global vision-

India has received globalization very well. Companies like TATA have taken over the international scene by clinching deals with Jaguar and Range Rover.

6.Industrial advancements-

India has made leaps and bounds in the industrial and the service sector. Bangalore stands testimony to this fact.

7.IT industries and Service Sector-

India with it burgeoning young population has made advancements in the IT and the Service sector. They not only operate within the country but also outside the country.

8.Medicinal advancements-

India, the home of Ayurveda has made great advancements in science and medicine. Indian herbs have created an unparallel in the natural nutritional supplements market.

9.Human investment-

Having been endowed with unparalleled intelligence and intellect, Indians have rapidly made huge investments in human capital in order to reap the benefits at a later stage.

10.Entertainment industry-

Bollywood has been one of the main attractions India has been home to for many years now. This industry is one of the most productive sectors and has made prominent India’s cultural superiority.

These are some of the reasons India is bound to become the next super power